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Bar Makadam

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Seven joyful years back in time, two university students forged their first bond. After some (or multiple) bar visits and profoundly thoughtful nights, Jonas and David came to realize that they shared a common and deeply rooted passion: a genuine love for beer.

Love for the sparkling gold

Whichever path they took in life, from HR to advertising, their love for the sparkling gold followed them everywhere. An ordinary 9-to-5 job quickly extended into sparkling activities at night. From pouring and tasting to studying the precious liquid, a hobby quickly burgeoned into a lifestyle.

At the Grand Place, in the heart of Malines

The dream that became reality

With a soon-to-be vacant lot at the Grote Markt thrown into their laps, things suddenly went fast for David and Jonas. With their dream possibly turning into reality, they left behind their ordinary lives and took a leap of faith. It resulted in the marvellous ‘Makadam’, which quickly became a household name in Malines’ urban scene.

These two entrepreneurs unite authenticity, quality, determination and, of course, good humour, into an enticing whole: a beer pub with more than 80 beers where you are welcome to enjoy a fresh pint of beer, a feisty Tripel, a quick bite or a savoury lunch.

David Aerts

With his unbridled enthusiasm and creative entrepreneurial mind, David swiftly turned his dreams into reality. Although his HR background might suggest otherwise, David lives and breathes for the hospitality industry. Since childhood, David has been imbued with a passion for beer and unique flavours (the beer luckily a few years later). Choosing Malines as his operating base, David aims to conquer the world and let ‘Makadam’ resonate throughout the farthest corners of this globe.
jonas bosmans bar makadam

Jonas Bosmans

With ‘good company’ as his middle name, Jonas was blessed with an abundance of stories, anecdotes and experiences, his audience hanging on to his every word. With affability, attentiveness and creativeness as his guiding principles, Jonas set up his own business that featured Tupperware parties as well as beer tasting events. Combined with his local roots, his dedication to the refined local beer scene made him set up shop in the most beautiful Belgian city: Malines.

Astrid Leemans

‘Does it involve people’? In that case, you have Astrid’s full attention. A regular 9-to-5 in stiff attire won’t do for this social and, above all, busy bee. Engaging in and contributing to a friendly and loose work environment boosts her energy levels to dizzying heights. With ‘bringing people together’ as her main goal, she strives to  turn ‘Makadam’ into an urban gathering place that Malines’ residents flock to and cherish.

Makadam Biercafé Mechelen